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What's on the boards for June!

Wrapping up some great projects that started this year, and for the summer?


-Commissioning two buildings for a client in Charlotte County, FL. Started and finished in June!

-Starting a great restaurant project here in Georgetown. Can't wait to see this one finished and the kitchen serving! This project will be a fun design, with a beautiful open shell building featuring silos and clerestory.

Central Clerestory - No Ducts! No Pipes!

-Kicking off a county extension office in Bryan / College Station, when the systems have to robust, cost effective, and simple to operate and maintain (and the architect also wants them to fit inside the building).

-An HVAC retrofit for a historic 1895 three story brick building in downtown Cheyenne.

And somehow managed to squeeze in the GTX Sponsorship of the 2nd Annual Barrow Craft Beer Festival in Salado. GTX needed help when sponsoring the Hydration Station, keeping all the attendees happy with some original Barrow sparkling water, served up draft style. Looking forward to next year's festival already!

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