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An April Update

Engineering at its most rewarding is balancing many factors to a favorable outcome for the client. Efficiency balanced against simplicity, cost of operation against cost of installation, and the always present and sometimes surfacing "common sense" against "that's how we've always done it".

March and April have been a very rewarding time, with challenges solved for some unique projects:

- two industrial refrigeration coolers with system analysis and design for critical application (temp goes up, contents go unstable and a detonation results)!

Yeah - no pictures for this, no cameras, no phones, no computers, nothing electrical that's not rated for the site. It's a Class I Div I loxcation, everything there could potentially hurt you, so just pen and paper - Old School

- helping a local Austin worship center increase their chiller plant reliability with new equipment and improve their operational efficiency, resulting in more funds available for their primary missions.

An old chiller plant that will soon sport some new equipment!

- a large manufacturing plant in the Dominican Republic needs some indoor humidity problems solved, while still maintaining their LEED Silver certification, this will be a fun challenge!

Rooftop work in the Caribean - like a farmers tan, but on the underside too from the white roof!

- helping the Austin Convention Center determine if their office / retail building has sufficient cooling capacity to bring on a new craft brewery tenant (the answer is a thirst-quenching YES)

Let's sort out this piping!

- continuing to play our part in the exciting growth of the Central Texas area with new tenant improvement designs, new shell retail / commercial designs spanning from Temple to Austin and Leander to Bryan / College Station


But it's not all work and no play - sometimes the job sites have really good people and really good views...

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