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Off to a roaring start!

MAR 2019

GTX isn't really just starting, so maybe the title is a bit dramatic. Relationships continue and new ones are formed, now under the banner of GTX Engineering LLC.


On the boards now:

- engineering a solution for a large church with aging equipment and hefty utility bills. How to replace equipment, lower power bills, and not break the bank?

- working out LEED Gold Commissioning for one of the first LEED projects in the Dominican Republic!

- the finishing touches for the new Nutty Brown Amphitheater complex in Round Rock. Let's get some Restless Kelly and Turnpike Troubadours into town!

- a new walking park, pavilion, lighting and even a pond aerator for the City of Bryan, Texas. Whoop!

- new strip retail development in Killeen, Texas. Yeah, I know a lot of folks joke about designing strip retail projects, but these are an important part of a community's economic stability and we are proud to play a part in each of them.

- refit an existing manufacturing facility warehouse with new efficient heat and cooling. Houston summers are brutal, proud to make "Made in the USA" a little more comfortable!

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